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We are taking Winning Ads to a whole new level. Click here to learn more when you are interested in becoming a co-owner of Winning Ads. This offer will expire as soon as all available shares have been sold. As a Winning Ads member you have exclusive access to this limited business offer. Grab this chance while it’s still available.

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Earn ad revenue, commissions and build a followers list at the same time with the Webtalk social network platform.

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Premium Upgrade (Monthly)

US$10 per month

2,500 page views

35,000 banner impressions

10,000 text ad impressions

Dynamic surf ratio (up to 1:2)

15% on referral surfing

Premium Upgrade (Yearly)

US$100 per year

2,500 page views

52,000 banner impressions

10,000 text ad impressions

Dynamic surf ratio (up to 1:2)

15% on referral surfing

Associate Upgrade (Monthly)

US$25 per month

7,500 page views

65,000 banner impressions

25,000 text ad impressions

Dynamic surf ratio (up to 1:2)

20% on referral surfing

Dynamic/Progressive Surf Ratios

Our 1:1 surf ratio is great (and an industry standard), also when you have a free account. But members who are upgraded to Premium or Associate earn even more credits after they surf a minimum of 100 pages in one day.

View 100 pagesGet 1.10 credits per page view
View 150 pagesGet 1.15 credits per page view
View 200 pagesGet 1.20 credits per page view
View 250 pagesGet 1.25 credits per page view
View 300 pagesGet 1.30 credits per page view
View 350 pagesGet 1.35 credits per page view
View 400 pagesGet 1.40 credits per page view
View 450 pagesGet 1.45 credits per page view
View 500 pagesGet 2 credits per page view

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Advertising Tips

Optimize your advertising and improve your results at Winning Ads:

  • Always use “https://” URLs. “http://” URLs are not accepted by the software.
  • If your page is not visible during the security check process, it will not be seen by other members.
  • When possible, use splash pages that link to your original page(s) to promote your content.
  • Embed your tweets and other social media content in a page to promote your social media content.
  • Embed your videos from Youtube and Vimeo in one or more pages when you want to promote them.
  • Invite other members to subscribe to your email list and social media pages by providing a ‘subscribe form’ and easy directions to your pages.
  • Be original, creative and different. Compare your content and your advertisements with what is being presented by others. Stand out from the rest.


Winning Ads by Koen Jacobs and Karen Antipuesto. Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines. Winning Ads is not responsible for third-party content, advertisements and websites.

Limited Business Offer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a co-owner of Winning Ads

In just a few months time since its launch, Winning Ads has become a permanent fixture and name in the manual traffic exchange industry. This is due to Karen’s and my dedication to make Winning Ads a world-class manual traffic exchange.

Now the time has come to move forward with Winnings, it’s time to take Winning Ads to a whole new level in the industry, and as a member you have an exclusive opportunity to be part of this.

In order to move forward with Winning Ads we have launched a limited investment round for our members. We are offering investing members the chance to own shares of the Winning Ads company.

Target: US$15,000

With this investment round we plan to gather a budget of $15,000.

This budget will pay for the following expenses:

  • Server upgrade: $1,800/year (6 cores @ 3.4 GHz, 32 GB DDR4, 2 x 480 GB SSD, 100 TB/mo bandwidth) with an option to upgrade to $4,200/year (dual 16 cores @ 2.3 GHz, 128 GB DDR4, 4 x 1 TB NVMe, 500 GB Backup Storage + unmetered bandwidth).
  • Website design upgrade: $500. This includes a set of banners, a website header and footer, and splash pages.
  • Advertising: $25 per day for Facebook advertising, for 1 year ($9,125/year).
  • Affiliate income: $699 Viduber affiliate program, lifetime membership (return: 35% to 60% on monthly referral purchases).
  • Bitcoin balance: The balance of the total investment that is not immediately needed, which includes the $4,200/year server upgrade (net = $2,400), is converted into bitcoin. The bitcoin balance itself adds a substantial profit, as we will likely not be needing this upgrade yet in the next 2 to 4 years. And with 1 bitcoin, by that time, being worth around $150,000 (up to $250,000).

To participate in this limited business offer, please contact us via email at contact@winningads.xyz.

As an investor, you get to keep a free Associate membership account at Winning Ads (value: $25/month or $250/year). Which means you get to keep all the affiliate commissions that you may earn while promoting Winning Ads with your affiliate link (in addition to your share of the net profits that Winning Ads generates).

We accept payments through bank transfers, PayPal, bitcoin and Western Union.

1 share costs US$333.

The available number of shares is 45% of the total, or 45 shares.

Winning Ads retains 55% of the shares.