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What Are Considered “Credits” at Winning Ads?

At Winning Ads, members can earn credits for viewing other members their pages.

When a member views a page, he/she will earn 1 credit. In return, the member can use this credit to send a visitor, a member, to his/her own page. This is why Winning Ads is a user-generated traffic system, because our members generate the website traffic. Thus, our members exchange website traffic.

Credits can also be purchased by advertisers, i.e. members who do not want to surf for credits. As an advertiser, you can assign your purchased credits to the URL(s) that you have submitted in your account. Winning Ads will then use your credits to present your URL(s)/page(s) to our members. Our members will then view your page and they will earn 1 credit for each page view.

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