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At Winning Ads we have unique, progressive advertising packages and membership upgrades. The more active members at Winning Ads, the more page views, banner and text ad impressions for all our members, without any price increases.

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$0 / month



100 bonus page views

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Premium (Monthly)


$10 / month



2,500 page views

35,000 banner impressions

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Dynamic surf ratio (up to 1:2)

15% bonus on referral surfing

Premium (Yearly)


$100 / year



2,500 page views

52,000 banner impressions

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Dynamic surf ratio (up to 1:2)

15% bonus on referral surfing



$25 / month



7,500 page views

65,000 banner impressions

25,000 text ad impressions

Dynamic surf ratio (up to 1:2)

20% bonus on referral surfing

Industry Leader

Our cutting edge software and unique approach enable us to establish Winning Ads as the leading user-generated traffic system in the industry, and the best manual traffic exchange on the internet.

Quality Advertising

Our members and advertisers deserve the best, that is why we have a:

1:1 surf ratio for all members.

10-second surf timer for all members.

Premium Upgrades

Membership upgrades at Winning Ads are super competitive.

We offer the best and biggest advertising packages in the industry for only $10 per month and $100 per year.

Affiliate Program

Earn 25% (Free, Premium) to 50% (Associate) recurring commissions as a member or advertiser at Winning Ads, every time your referrals upgrade their account.

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